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8 Random Facts About Me (Tagging Meme)

  Envelopes by Audunn @ Flickr

Envelopes by Audunn @ flickr

James’ very nicely tagged me in the game-du-jour “8-random-facts-about-me-tagging-meme”.

I’ll be completely honest; this is the second post I’ve written. The first time round, I compiled a list of 8 interesting random things about me, which was lots of fun for me to do. It is, of course, a bit of an ego-stroke to write things that make the reader go “goodness, I never realised that” or “what an interesting person”. I can see that it would have been nice, in the run-up to Christmas, to have the on-line equivalent of having the neighbours around, swapping stories.

Then I got to the second part of the challenge, which was the bit where my conscience was pricked. I had to “tag” 8 more people to play the game, and then (as others have noted) it begins to turn into a chain-letter. One of those never-ending Internet things that goes on to plague people for years. It would be really very hypocritical of me to moan about people sending me chain-emails about boys with cancer, or 419 scammers, or whatever – and then be part of promulgating something similar. This sense of “not doing the right thing” grew even more when I drew up my list of 8 people to tag onwards, and realised that half of them had already been tagged.

Then I looked at my list of 8 things, none of which are particularly secret, and all of which I’ve told various people at various times, and I thought “these are more fun shared in person, over a beer, with a laugh and some interaction”. I don’t really want to just cold-post all this lot on the Internet for ever. Story telling is much better in person.

So I’m afraid, curmudgeonly as it sounds, I’m not going to play. I’m going to be the equivalent of the speccy kid in the corner of the playground reading a book who won’t spring into action when tagged. Sorry.

Next time we meet in person, I’m more than happy to share them, and hopefully you’ll have some funny random things to tell me too, and it’ll be interesting social interaction.

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