what I do

I create ideas for using technology in innovative ways, primarily in the radio and audio domain. I run projects from inception to delivery, engaging with all stakeholders.

I’m also the part-time Project Director of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, the not-for-profit organisation that creates standards for combining broadcast radio and internet technologies to create an innovative distribution platform for radio.

what I’ve done

I’ve years of experience creating innovation in radio and audio, spanning the introduction of DAB Digital Radio, and moving onto innovating with websites, mobile, messaging, music downloads, visualisation and on-demand audio.

I’ve worked with radio broadcasters, technology companies, automotive manufacturers, production companies, NGOs and regulators.

I contribute globally to the development of technology in radio/audio, through standardisation work and evangelising how technology innovation can deliver new experiences.

I’ve also worked as a radio programmer in the UK, and in Austria; I speak German pretty well.

I talk at conferences globally on the benefits and experiences of moving radio and audio into the digital age.


My blog has been on hiatus since 2010, but you can still read archived posts.


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