Google at InternetWorld

Brief blogging from the Google sessions at Internet World.

According to the UK MD of Google:
* Internet accounts for 27% of media consumption. Radio is 25% – hmmm.
* 40% of UK users have a search engine as their homepage.
* Consumers are the new brand managers.
* If you are going to play in the world of user genarated contert, for heaven’s sake have a sense of humour….
* Sony Bravia advert spoof (on YouTube obviously) was fun, and strangely Bristolian.
* US Pontiac TV advert which ended telling people to “put Pontiac into Google”, not their own web address (google screengrab including).

Other notable sessions have been:
Amazon Web Services – EC2 and S3. I was already signed up but now I’m really really fired up about it. This is rapid design, develop and deploy in action.
O2 – seriously determined to put music at ‘front and centre of the O2 brand’ and their sponsorship of The Dome is a big big commitment.

More later.

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