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I'm committed to using new technologies to develop great radio programming across multiple-platforms. My job is Head of Creative Technology at Global Radio (the UK's largest Commercial Radio Broadcaster).

I've led the development of DAB Digital Radio within Global Radio (previously GCap Media and GWR Group plc) since 1998, and I'm an active participant in WorldDAB. Alongside my work on Digital Radio, I also promote the concept of hybrid radio, a convergence of broadcast radio and IP, and I'm chair of The RadioDNS Project. As well as DAB Digital Radio, I lead a team that develops innovative applications for interesting radio on-line, on mobile, on digital TV and on any other platform that comes along. I've also worked as a programmer in the UK, and in Austria; I speak German.

I talk at conferences globally on the benefits and experiences of moving radio into the digital age.


I'm not currently actively blogging, but if you want some nostalgia, this is where my blog is

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