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nick piggott

what I do

I'm committed to using technology in innovative ways to develop great multi-platform radio/audio experiences, building audiences and increasing the value of radio as a medium.

what I've done

I've years of experience creating innovation in radio, spanning the introduction of DAB Digital Radio in the 90's, and moving onto innovating with on-line, websites, mobile, messaging, music downloads, visualisation.

I contribute globally to the development of technology in radio/audio; I chair the RadioDNS Hybrid Radio Project, promoting the concept of converging broadcast radio and IP, and I sit on the Steering Board of WorldDMB.

I've also worked as a radio programmer in the UK, and in Austria; I speak German pretty well.

I talk at conferences globally on the benefits and experiences of moving radio into the digital age.


I'm not currently actively blogging, but if you want some nostalgia, this is where my blog is

follow me at twitter.com/nickpiggott

contacting me

Email: nick is at his domain nick 
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